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Vår senaste resa, april 2019

Nu är vi äntligen hemma i Sverige igen efter sex veckor i Kinshasa. Under vår senaste resa har vi haft fullt upp med våra projekt. Vi har träffat våra tjejer som deltar i vår syundervisning. De har sytt kassar, makeupväskor, bordstabletter och tillverkat grytunderlägg av återvunnit material. Dessa saker har vi tagit med oss till Sverige för försäljning. Alla pengar som vi får in från försäljningen kommer att gå oavkortat tillbaka till dem.

Vi har även besökt sjukhuset där vi samarbetar med katolska kyrkan. Vi hade med oss fyra resväskor med material från Europa till sjukhuset samt glasögon som delas ut kostnadsfritt på sjukhuset. Vi levererade även mat till de undernärda barnen.

Under vår vistelse har vi även hälsat på barnen på vår skola samt träffat föräldrarna till barnen som går på vår skola. Vi har även träffat våra fotbollskillar och överlämnat fotbollsmaterial som vi tagit med oss från Sverige.

Sist men inte minst har vi besökt marken där vi håller på att bygga en internatskola. Byggprojektet går framåt och första delen av grundskolan är snart klar.


Senaste resan

Tresor har precis kommit hem från sin senaste resa till Kongo-Kinshasa. Under hans senaste resa besökte han våra pågående projekt samt övervakade byggnationen av vår internatskola.

Han besökte våra tjejer som deltar i vår syundervisning (microlånprojekt) som håller på att tillverka grytunderlägg av återvunnet material. Han besökte även vår skola där han träffade alla skolbarn, deras föräldrar samt personalen på skolan. Han har även besökt det sjukhus där vi samarbetar med Katolska kyrkan. Han har även besökt Sveriges Ambassad i Kinshasa och vår mark där byggnationen av vår internatskola pågår.

Tack till alla som stöttar våra projekt, utan er är vi inget <3


Food delivery

Every month we deliver food to the hospital, the school and the girls who participate in our sewing education. When we are not in Kongo ourselves, we get help from our friends and employees on site to deliver the food to our projects.

In the beginning of december, Tresor once again travel to Congo to work with our projects. He will visit our school to meet our students and teachers. He will also meet our girls who participate in our sewing education. He also plans to visit our hospital and hand over glasses and meet our football players and share some football equipment. Last but not least, he will visit our land to monitor the construction of our internship school.

Thank you to all who support our work and help us to help others <3


Our latest trip, september 2018

During our latest trip to Congo-Kinshasa we have visited our ongoing projects as well as supervised the construction of our internship school. We have visited our girls who participate in our sewing education. They made school uniforms for the children at our school and have started a new project to produce products from recycled materials. We have also visited our school and met all schoolchildren, their parents and the school staff.

We have also started a collaboration with a hospital run by the Catholic Church. This hospital has many different types of activities, including maternity care, child welfare and care of malnourished children. They also perform eye examinations and hand out glasses for free. During our stay, the Swedish Emabassy in Kinshasa visited the hospital.

During our recent trip, the building processes for our internship school have started. We have purchased materials and prepared the land for construction and began to manufacture bricks for construction.

Thank you for your support <3


Our next trip to Kinshasa, september 2018

Soon, we will return to Kongo-Kinshasa to work on our projects. During our coming trip we will visit our school to meet the teachers as well as our students and be involved during the school start.

We will also meet our girls at our sewing school. We plan to bring glasses that we received from Synsam Sweden. We will leave the glasses at our health center so that we can continue to offer free eye examinations and glasses.

Last but not least, we will visit our land where we will continue with the construction of our internship school. At the beginning of 2018, we bought a 10,000 hectare land, which we have prepared in the spring and summer to make it ready for the construction work.

Thank you to all who support our work and help us to help others <3


Smaka på Stockholm, June 2018

We would like to thank everyone who visited Kungsträdgården and Smaka på Stockholm and took the time to get past our table to support our work in Congo-Kinshasa by buying jewelry or bracelets and listen to us speaking about our organisation.

Everyone’s support is extra important now when we face our biggest project since we started building a boarding school.

Our next trip to is scheduled for August 2018 and then we will continue the construction process of our school and visit our current activities.

Do not forget to check out Nyhetsmorgon on July 22 between 8.00-9.00 where Tresor will participate and speak about our work with Hope for Kinshasa.

Thanks again for all support, without you we are nothing <3


Our latest trip, April 2018

During April 2018, Tresor again made a trip to Congo-Kinshasa. Even this trip was very successful. He visited our preschool, school, our Girls who are sewing and the girls working in our hairdressing salon. The children and young adults at our preschool and school are well and they are excited about the opportunity to participate in school education in Malueka where they live.

Our girls who are sewing have sewn bibs that Tresor brought back to Sweden. This project is a collaboration with Textilhögskolan in Borås and MäryDesign. They also got a new ‘workplace’ in the form of a floor and a roof since they have previousl worked outside the teacher’s house without any protection from the weather and wind than an old tree.

Last but not least, we have completed the final agreements regarding the land that we have purchased to build a school. We have also begun to build a fence around the land. After the summer we will start the construction process for the school with space for approximately 300 students from grades 1-9.

Thank you to all who support our work <3


Our latest trip, Februari 2018

Our last trip to Congo-Kinshasa was very successful. We visited our existing projects, such as our preschool, school and vocational school and our healthcare center. We also met our girls who participate in our sewing training and our girls who play soccer.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day and Hope for Kinshasa’s founder (Tresor’s) birthday together with our schoolchildren and took them on an excursion to the city.

Our girls who participate in our syllabus received some new sewing machines. Our girls who play soccer got some equipment that we brought with us from Sweden, which we have received from Skogås football club.

Last but not least we have bought land for the school that we are going to build. Since the need for education is high in Congo-Kinshasa (50% of all children do not go to school and 30% are illiterate) we have purchased a large area with a 5.5 hectare area to be able to build an internship with space for approx. 300 students for the grades 1-9.

Thank you to all who support our work <3


Launch event Heartworking Foundation

We would like to thank everyone that came to the launch event for Heartworking Foundation january 22 and listened to our story. The event was very nice with good food and exciting stories. Hope for Kinshasa are going to receive financial support from Heartworking Foundation in connection with our educational projects, including our school project where we will build our own school.

The company Hero AB is the founders of Heartworking Foundation. Hero AB is a recruitment company and the idea is that one swedish crown for each hired consultation hour will go to Hope for Kinshasa and one other organization called Together as One. They also work with educational projects but in Ghana.

In mid-February 2018 we will once again travel to Congo-Kinshasa to look for suitable land and start our biggest project ever; the school project. We plan to build a school for approximately 600 students in grades 1-9 and vocational school / high school. More info about our upcoming project will be coming soon.

Thank you to all who support us in our work for a better world <3