Launch event Heartworking Foundation

We would like to thank everyone that came to the launch event for Heartworking Foundation january 22 and listened to our story. The event was very nice with good food and exciting stories. Hope for Kinshasa are going to receive financial support from Heartworking Foundation in connection with our educational projects, including our school project where we will build our own school.

The company Hero AB is the founders of Heartworking Foundation. Hero AB is a recruitment company and the idea is that one swedish crown for each hired consultation hour will go to Hope for Kinshasa and one other organization called Together as One. They also work with educational projects but in Ghana.

In mid-February 2018 we will once again travel to Congo-Kinshasa to look for suitable land and start our biggest project ever; the school project. We plan to build a school for approximately 600 students in grades 1-9 and vocational school / high school. More info about our upcoming project will be coming soon.

Thank you to all who support us in our work for a better world <3

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