The container project, Spring 2016

Our upcoming project is called The Container Shipping Project, because we’re shipping a container full of useful items for our different operations in Malueka. We’ve collected equipment in Sweden that we’ve gotten from both private people, businesses and organizations. This equipment will go to the care center, the school and the other departments we’ve built in Malueka.

The main purpose of the shipment of the container is that we will ship the materials to our health center where there is a youth center, child care centers and maternity clinics. This medical center we have opened for training staff around issues of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. We want to increase awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights and how this affects people’s views on the conditions and rights in society. We want to provide staff support in terms of training, information and counseling for young people, access to contraception, sexual and reproductive health services. We want to improve knowledge about sexuality for women and girls to physical integrity and to encourage men and boys in charge of gender equality and sexual and reproductive health for all. We want to start workshops where boys and girls can participate to get information on sexuality and gender equality, Greater knowledge leads to fewer teenage pregnancies and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. We also need help to vaccinate children to prevent the onset of childhood diseases. In addition to this, we also need medical materials and medicines.

The need for medical care, medicines, vaccinations and education on sexual and reproductive health is big in the area where we work. Therefore, we have started the activities mentioned above. Many girls in the Congo bear children at an early age. We therefore work to prevent teenage pregnancies. Women and girls are sexually abused and sexual violence is a common problem. This problem is a taboo subject that we wish to highlight. We want to raise the confidence of the population, mainly women so that they dare to seek help when they suffer from various problems, such as domestic violence. Lack of knowledge, discrimination and oppression leads to many problems and education is needed to combat the problems. We believe that the right to decide over their own sexuality and reproduction is a fundamental human right that needs to be taken into account.

The purpose of our activities is to increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating sexual violence, increasing gender equality, reducing the spread of AIDS / HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and reduce the spread and emergence of malaria, tuberculosis, cholera and other diseases that are common in the region where we work.

Poverty is very widespread, where we work, there is little access to clean water and electricity. In the area where we are working is no access to medical care that residents can afford. We want our projects to secure access to better care. This is because we ourselves are funding our operations and this leads to a lack of resources and training.