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questions hope for kinshasa

How did everything start?

It all started when Hope’s founder “Tresor” visited the village Malueka in Kinshasa in 2009. This was Tresor’s first visit back to his homeland since his escaped to Sweden with his family. During this visit, Tresor realized just how bad things were for the people in Malueka. After his visit, he decieded to start Hope, to try do what he could to make life better for the people in Malueka.

What’s the purpose of your work?

  • We want everyone to have the same possibility to education.
  • We’re supporting educational work and social integration
  • We hope to raise the consciousness of people

Our main focus and purpose with Hope, is to give the children and young people of Malueka the possibility to get a baisc education as well as a vocational education within a profession that can lead to a job for them in the future. We want to give hope back to people who’ve lost it, to give them a glimpse of a brigther future that can be achieved. We also want to make it possible for children and young people in Kinshasa to exchange ideas and experience with children and young people in Sweden to help shift and lower prejudice.

How is Hope financed?

Tresor, Hope’s founder has taken on huge private loans to start it all up. All projects that we’ve do, are financed with private money as well as support from the swedish church, donations from ordinary people and companies as well as income from handmade jewlery that we sell. However, the biggest part of it all are financed with our own money. Every month we send about 5000 SEK to Kongo to pay for rent of buildings and salary for the people working in the various operations that we have started up in Malueka. We have a few people giving monthly donations that covers about half of Hope’s monthly expenses. The rest is taken out of our private pockets.

Who are the people active within the organization?

Tresor Singo and Malin Lake are the two active people of Hope. They manage to do what they do with the help of their friends and family.

In what way do you control the organization?

Hope is a small organization, therefor we think we manage to keep everything under full control. We personaly see that everything that we collect are delivered straightly to it’s destination in Kinshasa. For the different operations that we’ve built up in Malueka we’ve hired people that we know personaly and that we fully trust. We also go to Kongo ourselves once to three times every year. This way, we can keep an close eye to everything that’s going on there.

Hur ofta reser ni till Kongo?

We always have news projects going on and old ones still active in Kongo-Kinshasa. Therefor we try to go there about once every sixth month to overview everything that is happening, to deliver things from Sweden and to work on new projects.

How can I help? As a private person or as a company?

We’re always very grateful for all the support that we can get from financial or material gifts. If you want to know more about how you can help, please have a look on the page  “Support Us”.