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Senaste resan, december 2020

Bilden ovan visar de första spadtagen för byggetapp nummer två för vår internatskola. När byggetapp nummer två är avslutad (förhoppningsvis hösten 2021) kan vi äntligen se fram emot skolstart.

Under den senaste resan besökte Tresor även våra pågående projekt; tjejerna som syr, vår nuvarande skola samt sjukhuset dit han levererade glasögon från Synsam samt mat till de undernärda barnen.

Året 2020 har, som för så många andra, varit ett mycket speciellt år för oss. Men vi har tack vare hjälp samt mycket kreativitet har vi lyckats hålla våra projekt igång samt även satt igång med byggnationen av etapp nummer två för vår kommande skola.

Tack till alla som har stöttat oss under 2020, utan er skulle det inte vara möjligt <3


Our next trip to Kinshasa, september 2018

Soon, we will return to Kongo-Kinshasa to work on our projects. During our coming trip we will visit our school to meet the teachers as well as our students and be involved during the school start.

We will also meet our girls at our sewing school. We plan to bring glasses that we received from Synsam Sweden. We will leave the glasses at our health center so that we can continue to offer free eye examinations and glasses.

Last but not least, we will visit our land where we will continue with the construction of our internship school. At the beginning of 2018, we bought a 10,000 hectare land, which we have prepared in the spring and summer to make it ready for the construction work.

Thank you to all who support our work and help us to help others <3


Smaka på Stockholm, June 2018

We would like to thank everyone who visited Kungsträdgården and Smaka på Stockholm and took the time to get past our table to support our work in Congo-Kinshasa by buying jewelry or bracelets and listen to us speaking about our organisation.

Everyone’s support is extra important now when we face our biggest project since we started building a boarding school.

Our next trip to is scheduled for August 2018 and then we will continue the construction process of our school and visit our current activities.

Do not forget to check out Nyhetsmorgon on July 22 between 8.00-9.00 where Tresor will participate and speak about our work with Hope for Kinshasa.

Thanks again for all support, without you we are nothing <3


Our latest trip

During our last trip to Kinshasa, the renovation of our school continued. It is not yet complete but has now such a good standard that our approximately 400 students have begun to attend to school classes at the school.

Tresor also met our girls who plays soccer when they participated in a training match. He also met our girls who go to our sewing school to talk to them and plan for future projects. They continue to sew bags that we sell in Sweden for the benefit of our sewing project in Kinshasa.

Tresor also visited our health center where the residents of Malueka once again had the opportunity to get free eye examinations and glasses thanks to a collaboration with Synsam and Lions club Stockholm.

Last but not least Tresor took 250 children from school and went on a school trip to Tractafric. There the children got a chance to look at different tractors and machines, which was much appreciated.


Thank you Kiruna

From the 12th to the 14th of November, 2016, we visited Malmfälten University in Kiruna to tell our story and to discuss human rights and the situation in Congo-Kinshasa. We raised various issues such as what can we do to make human rights not to stay in the theory but also work in practice and what we can do to all member countries should be satisfied and sign all the conventions. We also talked about the crisis in the Congo and the fact that the world remains silent despite the millions of dead people since 1998! We also showed our photo exhibition and participated in a newspaper interview with Norrländska Socialdemokraten. All this in the hope of bringing peace to the Congo and in the world.


Breakfast with Stockholm Strand Rotaryclub

Many thanks to all the amazing people in Stockholm Strand Rotaryklubb came to listen to us and our story the 28th of october 2016. It means a lot! Thank you for being so enthusiastic and that you appreciated our work! We are always happy to see many people listen to us and tell us that what they have heard was amazing and impressive! We thank you for all the advice and promises to improve before next time. We look forward to seeing you on more occasions to talk about us and what we have achieved and want to achieve.

“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone”





Thanks to all who came to Kungsträdgården to buy bracelets to support us in our work and listened to us and asked questions about our organisation. The memory of these days will remain forever. All these wonderful and happy people who came and made a difference.

We met many happy faces that gave us the strength be there from 10-18 almost a week straight. We got very good feedback that we really appreciate. In the picture you see Leo that made our day and wonderful Ami that help and guide us.

You give us the courage and strength to fight for what we believe in! We want to do everything in our power to make a reality of our dream. Once again thank you for all the love.

“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone”


Hopes birthday party

We want to thank everyone who came to Theater Pero the 26th May 2016 to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Without you, we would be nothing! It was a great celebration that we will remember for a long time!

We showed the photos from our trips to Kinshasa. We also sold bracelets and pictures from the photo gallery. The guests also had the possibility to enjoy a birthday cake from @sherrybakeryart. Special thanks to Teater Pero, Mats Lefvert, Sanna Bråding @sherrybakeryart, Stockholm School of Theology Programme – Human rights with Monica Helles, Bilda, Lions Clubs International Stockholm.

Love all <3