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Our latest trip, August 2017

During August 2017 we traveled to Congo-Kinshasa to monitor our ongoing projects and start new projects. We met our girls who are sewing at our school that we started in connection with our micro-loan project. This project has been very successful and they are now very good at sewing. As a final test, they sew clothes in African fabrics for us, as well as bags in African Fabrics, which we bought with us to Sweden and will be sold here. The money from the sales will return to our girls so that they can buy more material for their business. In this way, they can continue their business and become independent and self-sufficient.

We have also met the women in the second part of our micro-loan project. These women are involved in agriculture and sell what they cultivate in small stores. This project was also very successful so it will go for a long time to come and new women will be able to get help through this project and thus become self-sufficient and self-sufficient.

We also met our girls who play football and got the chance to share more material with them that we brought with us from Sweden. We have also moved our care center / youth reception to better premises and have taken over and renovated a school where we will start a primary school soon.

Before we started our trip to Congo-Kinshasa we loaded a truck full of material that we have collected for over two years. The truck was then transported by boat from Belgium to Congo. The truck contained materials for our care center / youth reception, preschool / school and our vocational training / microloan project.

With the help of the material in the truck we have now equipped our care center and school and, with the help of the material for our vocational training school, we have now started different types of company projects together with the students. The idea of ​​the project is that students will learn everything about entrepreneurship while becoming self-sufficient.

Thank you to all who have contributed with material and support us financially with our projects. On our own we are nothing, together we are strong <3


Our latest trip to Kongo-Kinshasa, february 2017

Recently, we came home from our latest trip to Kongo-Kinshasa. It was a successful trip and we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. During our latest trip we have been monitoring our ongoing projects and continued to developing our upcoming projects. We have equipped our photography and film department at our vocational school. We have distributed soccer equipment to our girls that plays football. We received the equipment from Floby IF and Renew Group Sweden AB. We also made a trip to the zoo together with our preschoolers. It was a really appreciated trip 🙂

In addition to this we have developed our sewing operations that is a part of our vocational school. We have started a training school for a number of women who will be fully trained in about three months. We have also started a project with micro loans where we will lend a sum to a number of participants (mostly women) where the goal is that they will using the loan to be able to make investments in already existing operations to develop to give them a chance a chance to become independent and self-sufficient.

We also had a meeting meeting together with our members as well as our Board of directors hope for Kinshasa in Kinshasa to discuss the Future as well as our new projects.

Thank you to all who support our work and has done this trip possible. Without you we are nothing. Love for you <3 We plan to do our next trip in August 2017 to start evaluating our projects as well as developing them further. No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone!