Våra projekt

Community youth center, Fall 2011

In the fall of 2011, we started a community youth central in the village of Malueka. Children and young people living in poverty are running a high a risk of ending up in criminality. And that’s because they don’t have any other choice and not many possible activities to engage in. In many cases they also lack access to schools and education. Therefor, children and young poeple could now come to our community youth center to get support in education as well as engaging in different types of recreational activities.

Vocational school, Winter 2012

We soon noticed that a need for education and different types of activities to engage in, were bigger for the people in Malueka, than we could satisfy vocational school where young people could get basic educational as well as different types of vocational training that could lead to jobs. Examples of professions that are taught in the school are hairdressing, tailoring, musician, film maker, computer technician and farming. After school hours, the school is used as a youth center where kids can hang out and spend time engaging in various activities with each other. There are also football and boxing teams as well as a jiu jitsu team. The school currently have room for 300 students.

Water wells, Winter 2014

The need for clean water in Malueka is huge. Children usually have to walk for miles every day to gain access to clean water. Therefor we decieded to, in december of 2014, build three new water wells near the school. To give the people of Malueka easier access to more clean water and at the same time, give better quality to the school and it’s students.

Business operations, Summer 2015

In Augusti of 2015 we started a business operations for the students of the vocational school. We started a hairdress shop where newly graduated students are able to work. We also started a sewing shop where newly graduated students of sewing can now work, show and sell what they’ve made. In the future we’re also starting a second hand store where the items we’re shipping with the containers can be sold and traded. The situation for women and young girls in Malueka is tough and the equality between men and women is low. Therefor, we want to put in a extra hand for the women and girls in order to encourage them. We want to give them a better sense of self esteem and teach them to be more independent.

Pre-School, Fall 2015

In the fall of 2015, we started a pre-school where there’s room for 100 six year old children. Where they have a chance to get basic education. These students are then able to continue their educational progress in our vocational school where they have the change to graduate and get into work. This will help the future children of Malueka to develop from an early age.

Health care center & Youth clinic, Fall 2015

The need for health care and access to sex education in Kinshasa / Malueka is big. In fall of 2015 we started a health care center in combination with a youth clinic to meet these needs. Pregnancy among teenagers and s.t.d’s is a huge problem in Malueka and Kinshasa. Therefor, the people of Malueka now has access to a health care center and youth clinic where children and young adults can get a sex education as well as access to contraceptives.

The container project, Spring 2016

Our upcoming project is called The Container Shipping Project, because we’re shipping a container full of useful items for our different operations in Malueka. We’ve collected equipment in Sweden that we’ve gotten from both private people, businesses and organizations. This equipment will go to the care center, the school and the other departments we’ve built in Malueka. The main purpose of the shipment of the container is that we will ship the materials to our health center where there is a youth center, child care centers and maternity clinics. This medical center we have opened for training staff around issues of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. We want to increase awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights and how this affects people’s views on the conditions and rights in society. We want to provide staff support in terms of training, information and counseling for young people, access to contraception, sexual and reproductive health services. We want to improve knowledge about sexuality for women and girls to physical integrity and to encourage men and boys in charge of gender equality and sexual and reproductive health for all. We want to start workshops where boys and girls can participate to get information on sexuality… Read more