Our next trip to Congo-Kinshasa

Mid-August we will travel to Congo-Kinshasa to monitor our ongoing projects and start new projects. During spring and summer we have been busy planning and working on our biggest project since we started Hope for kinshasa on May 26, 2011.

We have stacked a truck full of material we have collected for over two years. The truck is now on its way by boat from Belgium to Congo. We bring materials to our health center/youth reception, preschool/school and our vocational programs.

With the help of the material we will equip our operations and with the material for our vocational training school we will start different types of activities. For example, we want to start a second hand shop with all the clothes and shoes we have collected from private individuals and companies. The idea is that the students should learn everything about business activities while they become self-sufficient.

Thank you to all who have contributed with material and financial support to this project. On our own we are nothing, together we are strong <3

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