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Our latest trip, september 2018

During our latest trip to Congo-Kinshasa we have visited our ongoing projects as well as supervised the construction of our internship school. We have visited our girls who participate in our sewing education. They made school uniforms for the children at our school and have started a new project to produce products from recycled materials. We have also visited our school and met all schoolchildren, their parents and the school staff.

We have also started a collaboration with a hospital run by the Catholic Church. This hospital has many different types of activities, including maternity care, child welfare and care of malnourished children. They also perform eye examinations and hand out glasses for free. During our stay, the Swedish Emabassy in Kinshasa visited the hospital.

During our recent trip, the building processes for our internship school have started. We have purchased materials and prepared the land for construction and began to manufacture bricks for construction.

Thank you for your support <3



Thanks to all who came to Kungsträdgården to buy bracelets to support us in our work and listened to us and asked questions about our organisation. The memory of these days will remain forever. All these wonderful and happy people who came and made a difference.

We met many happy faces that gave us the strength be there from 10-18 almost a week straight. We got very good feedback that we really appreciate. In the picture you see Leo that made our day and wonderful Ami that help and guide us.

You give us the courage and strength to fight for what we believe in! We want to do everything in our power to make a reality of our dream. Once again thank you for all the love.

“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone”