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Back in Sweden!

Now we are back home again after a three-week trip to Congo-Kinshasa. The trip went well and we have accomplished a lot. We started our stay with reviewing all of our operations to ensure that everything works as it should. We met the children at our nursery school and all of our sports teams in football, ju-jutsi and boxing. We also met with the staff of our hospital and the women who gave birth at our hospital. We also visited our water wells that we built in December 2014 and talked with the woman who is responsible for them. Then we continued to hand out everything we brought with us.

We took with us Solvatten (safe water cleaning system) which we will use to clean the water from the water wells we have built. They will be of great use, particularly in our hospital that lack clean water. Even if the water looks clean to the naked eye as it contains various parasites which can lead to various diseases. Therefore safe water cleaning system will be highly appreciated in Malueka where we work.

We also brought glasses that we received from Specsavers and equipment for eye examination that we received from the Synoptics. Malueka is a very poor suburb of Kinshasa. There, people can not afford to do vision screenings or to buy glasses. Therefore, we now offer them the opportunity to do this totally free.

We also handed out sports equipment to our football clubs for boys and girls that we have received from Vallentuna BK, Floby IF, Falköping United and Tesco UK. We also distributed the equipment for our Ju-Jutsiteam we received from Team Leites Stockholm. We also handed out equipment to our preschool that we visited to hand out diplomas because the children have been good, and completed its first year of preschool.

We want to thank everyone who has given us all the material we brought with us and also all those who support us financially in various ways, without you all this would not be possible.