Our next trip

Soon, we will travel to the DRC again to work wonders and the preparations are going on every day. We will take with us Solvatten which we will use to clean the water from the water wells we have built. Even if the water looks clean to the naked eye it contains various parasites which can lead to various diseases. Therefore, our Solvatten will be much appreciated in Malueka.

We will also bring us glasses we received from Specsavers and equipment for eye examination we received from the Synoptics. Malueka is a very poor suburb of Kinshasa. There, people can not afford to do vision screenings or to buy glasses. Therefore, we will now make it possible for them to do this free of charge.

We also bring sports equipment to our football clubs for boys and girls. We will also bring equipment to our preschool that we will visit to hand out diplomas because the children have been good, and completed its first year of preschool.

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